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Blog #3: Community Mapping Reflection

During the community mapping survey collection I enjoyed observing the reactions to our arduous survey but got really frustrated with the physical collection of each pamphlet.  I thought that the survey’s were quite lengthy and that was reflected in the responses of my survey takers.  Some got discouraged halfway through before a little encouragement got them through the final few questions.  I got some bad looks when people flipped to the income question, as if people were saying “don’t ask my how much money I make”.  Some people were more forgiving.  I met one old feller who actually forgot his reading glasses and had me painstakingly read him each question and more than once on several occasions.  He also made me feel very good about the survey.  He was genuinely interested in why our class was doing this, on what I thought about his answers and he made the moment worth 1/30 surveys.  During the process I continued to feel flushes of encouragement as well as a fury of failures.  My temper fumed larger with every person who denied my educational request.  My excitement when each individual survey was completed fueled me to push on.  The more I hated passing out these surveys, the more I wanted to hand them out so that they would be done.  Overall, I think this project definitely has good intentions and the surveys themselves are well thought out, but the process of actually getting each pamphlet filled out was strenuous to say the least.

  1. October 19, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    Good reflection. Collecting data like this is a tough slog. But it sounds like you did well. And those moments where someone is actually interested in what is going on and sees some of the value (almost?) make it worthwhile.

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