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Blog 3:Information Survey Reflection

While reflecting on the process of collecting responses to the Community Information Survey I must admit that it was all in all not that bad. It was a tad difficult to convince people that this front to back 8 page survey was worth the time, and when that didn’t work I pulled out the ” I really need this to graduate card”. I found one of my biggest strengths were to utilize all the older adults on campus. This list included teachers and people who worked in administration offices around campus. You could get at least 5 completed in one visit to an office. I personally don’t have difficulty talking to strangers and found that where ever you at if you do them a service they will do you one. For example I went to go buy shoes at Shoe Carnival and I asked the person that rang me up if she would do a survey and she complied. I also went to the bank to deposit a check and asked my teller if she would do one and she also agreed to it. I found that there were a lot willing applicants at the Daniel Boone Regional Library and I found that it was a place they could really think about their answers because they had time. I had more of a hard time getting people to participate when it came to the last fifteen. I felt that I exhausted all my possibilities, but fortunately I found someone who helped me get some complete.

Some things that I would have changed from the survey is that 1) make it smaller and 2) ask more of why they feel connected to Columbia, and what is here that captures their interest. 3) I would also ask if this is their hometown and if not why are they here, and last but not least 4) I would ask  which forum they get their information from. I found this project sometimes a hassle and sometimes easy but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

  1. October 19, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    Glad to hear that you got surveys completed at a variety of places (shoe store, library, band, etc.). I’m sure you are good at convincing people to participate with your outgoing personality.

    Good suggestions for improvement of the survey. Of course, your first suggestion is to make the survey shorter, and then you have a list of additional questions you’d like to add! So that’s the rub, once you get into this process it’s easier to think of other things to ask then it is to figure out what to drop.

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