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FEMA’S National Incident Management System (NIMS) goes along very well with the things we’ve been learning in Crisis Communication. FEMA states that NIMS “is designed to effectively manage public information at an incident, regardless of the size and complexity of the situation or the number of entities involved in the response.” I feel like this is the whole course overview of Crisis Communication, giving the public the correct information in a timely matter. Along these lines, FEMA says the main goal of NIMS is an informed public, which is exactly what we’ve been practicing in class all semester. Projects like the mock-press conference stressed the importance of an informed public during a crisis.

The framework of NIMS is exactly what we’ve been learning in class. Everything from having a PIO (Public Information Officer), who is responsible for distributing the correct, verified, information in a timely matter to the public, to having a JIS (Joint Information System), which provides a plan for distributing the information, to having a JIC (Joint Information Center), which is the actual physical location where all the information and actions are coordinated. These three main aspects are all things that we have talked about in other examples in class of being important aspects of effective communication.

One aspect of NIMS that really sticks out to me is the actual process of the system. The process includes gathering information, verifying information, coordinating information, and disseminating. All four of these steps are critical steps in making sure information is distributed CORRECTLY and ON TIME, which are two of the main goals of NIMS.

After learning about NIMS I can clearly see the overlap of their principles and the things that we are leaning in our Crisis Communication class. To sum it up quickly, to have successful crisis communication, information needs to be correct, verified, clear, and delivered on time.


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  1. October 26, 2011 at 9:36 pm

    Good overview and nice formatting of the post. One suggestion for improvement though is that you might want to lead with some text and then drop in your initial images. Right now, when I came to your post my entire screen was filled with your first two images and I didn’t see any of the post text at all. You don’t want visitors to your post to think there is nothing there to read.

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