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Blog 3: FEMA Training

I think that both of the FEMA training courses fit very well with this course. It’s one thing to just sit and learn from a book about crisis communication, but to actually apply it and see examples is very beneficial, especially to those interested in going into crisis communication. They go more in depth than our textbook does, and provides us with more updated information. I particularly found the second training to be a lot easier to understand, and felt that they didn’t try to cram as much information as they did in the first one.

I’ve included a video below that shows the role of a FEMA employee. Decisions made by him will effect people, and I think that is an extremely important thing to remember in crisis communication. These types of training course are important in that they may help to save the lives of people who are facing a crisis, and teach the important roles that those involved must play.

Both the ICS training and NIMS training provide insite into how these systems work to provide a systematic approach to how FEMA and other organizations work together to reduce the loss of life, property ad harm to the environment. It is necessary to know how these systems work in order to successfully deal with a crisis situation.

  1. October 26, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    Yes, the first training included a lot because it covered the entire ICS system. These subsequent trainings can expand on pieces of the content that fit into the system. There are a few other communication oriented trainings offered by FEMA, but I figure two FEMA trainings overall was enough.

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