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Blog 3: Public Information Systems

FEMA’s public information systems training does fit with our class understanding of a crisis/ disaster communication.  The training covers what to do in a crisis situation and the different branches that are a part of the NIMS public information system.  NIMS, which is the National Incident Management System, says that public information consists of the processes, procedures, and systems for communicating timely, accurate, and accessible information on:

  • An incident’s cause, size, and current situation
  • Resources committed
  • Other matters of general interest to the public, responders, and additional stakeholders (both directly and indirectly affected)

This training has provided additional information to what we have covered so far.

For example, we were introduced to the concepts of a JIS and a JIC.

The JIS is the joint information system, and it provides mechanisms to organize, integrate, and coordinate information to ensure timely, accurate, accessible, and consistent messaging across multiple juristictions and/ or disciplines.

The JIC is the joint information center, and it is the pysical location where the JIS operates and it is used to coordinate:

  • Critical emergency information
  • Crisis communications
  • Public affairs

Below is a picture of the Missouri River Joint Information Center



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  1. October 26, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    So, I wonder what is going on in the Missouri River JIC you posted. Is this in response to flooding along the Missouri River? Any idea what agencies are involved in this JIC or what they are focused on accomplishing? Be great to have more details on what is going on if you are going to introduce the local example.

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