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Blog 4: Availability is a must!

I think availability is necessary for a community to be properly informed. It plays a significant role in public perception on a variety of important issues- whether it be politics and so forth. For organizations, there is a want for a wide availability of mass media because they want support. More availability helps get your message across to a wider audience, helps target messages to people who want to hear it, and if there is more availability on an organization- the public will feel like the organization is more legitimate. Also, more availability can sway opinions on certain organizations, politics and so forth. In addition, more availability allows people to feel apart of the community. It is necessary to keep the public up to date on important issues that not only affect people individually, but the nation. For example, the 9 11 attack (http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2011/09/911-the-day-of-the-attacks/100143/) against the  World Trade Center- the mass media heavily covered the tragic event. Radio, news stations, television, and the internet were constantly updating the world on its happenings. The heavy coverage was much need. Many lives were taken that day/ for the next decade because we entered a war because of this. In conclusion, availability is extremely important.

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  1. November 9, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    The topic of this post was supposed to be “public media” specifically. This is media that is supported by public (tax) dollars, like NPR or PBS. You seem to be addressing the availability of media in general.

    With regard to your post, try to break up the text some. When there is white space in your post as opposed to one big block of text, it is easier to read. Also considering adding an image when appropriate. Finally, embed your link in your text so we don’t see the whole URL and so that it can be clicked on.

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