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Blog 4: Facebook and Twitter during Disaster Response

Facebook and Twitter are reinventing the way we receive news and information. For example, today when I was on Facebook I saw that Tony Larussa had retired. When I went to check it out on ESPN’s website they did not even have anything about his retirement up yet. That just shows how quickly news can spread on social networks compared to traditional news sources. Social networking sites are here to stay and it only makes sense that more traditional ways of spreading information catch up with the times.

In a disaster it is important to disperse accurate information quickly and effectively. Social Networking sites are perfect for this. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow organizations such as FEMA reach an audience that may not use more traditional forms of media and inform them on what to do in a disaster. Social Networking sites also allow organizations to continually update people on the situation in a more timely manner compared to more traditional news sources. One of the drawbacks of using social networking sites may be that misinformation may be spread amongst users. In the end I believe that all organizations will use Facebook or Twitter to reach their target audience and these tools can be used effectively by disaster organizations to disperse information in a timely manner.



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  1. November 2, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    Is there any other use of social media during disasters other than getting information, or is social media just a faster version of traditional media.

    You mention “misinformation” on social media during disasters. What are the implications of this? Is the capacity for social media to spread misinformation a problem for social media?

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