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Blog 4 Facebook and Twitter in Disasters

In today’s world, Facebook and Twitter are social media tools which can help in disasters in many ways.  For instance, in the after math of the Joplin toranado, Facebook was used to locate missing friends and family and eventually used as information for those who died.  It is important for FEMA to have a facebook page that would contain all kinds of important information in a disaster siuation to locate people, to have a list of missing people, and to disseminate important information such as where to find food and shelter.  Twitter would best be used for announcements and updates that need to get out immadiatley including getting instructions to command system teams.  The local media such as televsion and radio stations were stretched to their limit in providing important information.  In some cases phone lines were down and there was no electricity. http://www.fastcompany.com/1754769/joplin-tornado-social-media-twitter-youtube-facebook-flickr.  A key part of Facebook was the pictures of victims posted so people could help families locate their loved ones. http://www.mobiledia.com/news/91341.html.  The Joplin Globe, the citys local newspaper also used their Facebook page to help with the disaster.http://www.poynter.org/latest-news/making-sense-of-news/133446/joplin-globes-facebook-page-locates-reunites-missing-people-in-tornado-aftermath/

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