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Blog 4: Facebook & Twitter: The Phenomenon

Facebook and Twitter are something that many of us use daily. I for one know that I use these forms of social networking many times a day and a day without it would feel like a day where I felt like I was cut off from the world. I think that both networks of social media are a good source to be used during a disaster response. I only say this because of two inventions app and cell phone. Without these networks making it so no matter where you are or what phone you have you can receive tweets and updates makes it a very valuable source in a crisis. Twitter is something I like to call public texting. It’s 140 characters long, which is probably about the average length of a text message. I think that it’s a good source during a crisis because you can be alerted of what’s going on continuously during a crisis and what you should do. Some people have jobs that focus soley on tweeting out information. For NBC i know in the news room they have a social media desk where all the people at the stations job is to constantly update information onto the networking sites. With news information being broadcasted continuously it could help in a crisis situation. As for facebook I think it’s more of an after effect help, if you want to donate money like this, if you want weekly updates about this subject add it is a friend. I think facebook is not made for minute by minute updates like twitter, which is why I put it for more after the crisis, but it still could certainly work during as well. Speaking personally, I find out most of my information first via twitter, whether it be a national crisis, politics, pop culture etc. It all depends on who you follow and what is trending. For example my time line has been buzzing about Kim Kardashian and her divorce after 72 days. If you follow a Kardashian or may deem it important or not you can still see that is a topic people are talking about by seeing what is trending. I also found out that Steve Jobs died via twitter. I think it’s a reliable source that could be used, if used efficiently, during a crisis.

  1. November 2, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    This post is just one big block of text with images at the beginning and end. Because there are no breaks in the text, it makes it very hard to read.

    With regard to your post, are the uses of social media only that people are able to get disaster information from these sources? How does this differ from how TV and radio have been used in the past? Or is social media different than traditional media?

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