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Blog 4: Public Media

It struck me as odd that being in America, which offers so much news in my opinion is behind countries like Finland and Denmark with it’s public media funds. I think it necessary to have public media because then it can cover all counts of news and all views.

 Instead of the one-way transmission of a broadcast signal to its many listeners, future public media outlets could engage  with their audiences in more meaningful ways — covering important local events, opening their doors to collaborate with a wide range of media producers and community institutions, and encouraging public dialogue and debate. But if we fail to significantly increase funding, public media will be marginalized at precisely the moment they are most needed.

Silver said with the cutback of commercial news focusing on local content it is now the time for local stations to step in and step up. I believe that we should have local stations come in and have a voice, however I don’t agree that it should be the only voice heard. I couldn’t imagine a valid news program who did not cover all topics of the news, local, national, and international. When you read papers they still discuss things that are going on in the world, to things that are going on down the street. I think it is all in the way of balance and how to filter out what is important to people and what is not.

I must admit that I however was  kid who enjoyed watching shows like Arthur and Zoom that were featured on PBS kids, however i did not think i needed them to become a informed about things that were going on community wise. They were merely there for entertainment purposes, though they are put here for educational, instructional and cultural reasons. I can agree with that aspect however, I think a channel or station that focused on more community issues and debates (and not just the board meetings) but of events and things of interest more people would use it as a source. There is something that I don’t agree with Silver when he stated

While the Internet may be an excellent resource for many things, it is not a viable replacement for newsrooms and content production facilities. And with local newspapers declining and other commercial media cutting back on local content, the demand for local stations to step into this space is only increasing.

I feel that it is important to take into account the technological factors that being a person in the 21st century has demanded of us. We must take into account that blogs and open forums have somewhat taken a stake in newsroom and production facilities. True it doesn’t replace these facilities but it enhances them if used correctly. The internet is a good source of getting people organized so they can do things and work together

  1. November 9, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    Good post. Nice use of the Silver readings to inform your thoughts on the issue. And you are right that it is odd that the United States is behind other countries in amount of public media. Given the wealth in this country, you would think we would be leading the world in “public” goods.

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