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Facebook and Twitter can be a very useful tool for crisis communication.  More than 800 billion people use Facebook and the number of people who use Twitter is increasing daily. Most people check their Facebook and/or Twitter multiple times per day and often more than they check their email or the news. Using Facebook and Twitter during disaster response can get the message to several stakeholders in a quick and easy manner.







A good example of Twitter being used for crisis communication was during the earthquake in Japan. I actually found out about the earthquake through Twitter when I saw several people “tweeting” about what had happened. Checkout this article on the reaction to the earthquake: Twitter Users React to Massive Quake, Tsunami in Japan  

There have been several other instances in recent years where Twitter and Facebook have been very useful resources during disaster response.

  1. November 2, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    In addition to listing the blog number, you should actually have a title to your post. “Social media and disasters” or something like that.

    Is the only thing social media is good for in a disaster response is getting information? This sounds just like how TV and radio is used, so are there differences? Or is social media just a newer form of older traditional media?

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