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Bog 4: Twitter and Facebook During A Crisis

In today’s society, most businesses have turned to online marketing to reach new clientele and sustain relationships with past customers. Social media is also used to inform the public of news, trends, and of any possible crises. Facebook and Twitter are social media sites that are used multiple times daily by a mass audience, therefore making it easy for companies to release information quickly.

In many instances today, people find out breaking news information through Facebook and Twitter. For example, many people are able to follow news sources such as Huffington Post and USA Today which release information to followers and these followers are then able to hashtag the crisis and make it trending. Trending topics are then released to even more people, spreading the news even faster. I can recall many instances where I have found reliable information, such as the Joplin Tornado, on Twitter or Facebook before I saw it on the news or heard it on the radio. These Twitter and Facebook updates not only report during the crisis, but after as well to inform the public of possible recovery and how the situation is being handled. Because of smartphones, more people have access to Twitter and Facebook than tv and radio.


The video below shows firsthand the impact social media plays during crises such as the recent protests in Egypt:




  1. November 2, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    You mention how disaster or crisis information may be found on social media before it is found on radio/TV, which sounds good, but is that this the only way social media can be used in a disaster response? Is social media just a quicker version of radio and TV? Seems like there might be more to it in terms of disaster response.

    Also, “Blog” is misspelled in the title of your post.

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