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Blog 4: Twitter, Facebook, and Disaster Comm

The world is obsessed with Facebook and Twitter. More so Facebook. Here are some interesting stats I found:

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These stats speak for themselves. With all of these people on Facebook it is no wonder why disaster communication spreads so fast. This is the future of information. It is the easiest and fastest way to communicate today. Although it may not be the most effective. This is very debatable. Social media has taken over the world. Will it start to decline or increase over the years? I am not sure what the answer is to that but what is next for Facebook and Twitter??

This video is scary……

Twitter is a little different. They can’t even compare with Facebook regarding users and activity. They claim to have 175 million users….

I thought I would take a different approach to answer this question. Also it would be beneficial to find the number of subscribers to TV news and news radio, but I can only imagine it is NO WHERE close to Facebook or Twitter.

With this many people using social media it is no wonder why it is the best place to communicate anything you want. And if your communication is valuable it can spread like a deadly virus.

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