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Blog 4: Capstone: Public Media

Informed communities certainly have access to public media.  Public media provides a great service by informing citizens of newsworthy events going on around their community.  When I think about public media mediums I think of television and radio and print.  I think of local news.  This is probably a naive assumption of mine and many other citizens since public media is provided by the government in order to give the community some sort of free media option.  This genre of news goes widely unnoticed compared to the flashy media available on cable or other networks because private media operates with more financial elasticity.

The truth is, the availability of public media has vastly increased with technology.  As technology has evolved people have adapted their ways of receiving important information, including community information.  Public media has followed the trend establishing an online presence as well as a spot in social networks.  In order to compete with private media companies, public media needs to expand their reach.  Local sites like KBIA.org and Columbia Access Television  are well thought out and have multiple resources attached, yet they fail to take advantage of social media.

My main thought about the availability of public media is that it can be found but sometimes isn’t because of its lack of flash compared to other media forms.  Public media is necessary to informed communities because it provides local news to those who want and need it.  In researching some of these local stations, they provide good information but they seem to lack the technical skills to display it in an open way.

When KMOS is boring on Television, Viewers can go online to their website for more details about the community. This process is somewhat tedious compared to private media outlets both online and offline.

Columbia's Public Radio station KBIA has lots of good information on their website including recent show podcasts, tabs for specific community interests and links to Facebook and Twitter. It would help if KBIA actually had a FB and Twitter account to link to.

Overall, Public Media can be a good way to inform citizens of the information needed for them to participate in an informed community.  These institutions are far away from the professionalism and quality of private media outlets.  Without the resources needed to compete in the media environment, these stations will continue to struggle to provide their valuable information to their target audience.  The availability of these outlets is not so much questioned as how they are getting their message seen and digested.

  1. November 9, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    Good point about public media often having a lack of “flash.” Do you think this lack of production value is important? In other words, do you think if public media was flashier we would like it or use it more? Should public media look as good as private media?

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