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Blog 4: Better Information, Better Communities

Public media is critical for a community to function properly. Unfortunately, public media like NPR or PBS are unpopular amongst Americans. These stations were created so that while tv stations expanded, there would be a credible source that anyone could turn to. The FCC has disbanded their policy that mandated stations to have a certain amount of time that they would have to dedicate to the news and education of the public. Public news stations are now all we have and without them, news would become increasingly more “infotainment.” I believe that NPR, and its counterparts, keep the other cable and local stations in check. They have increasingly been working to keep up with the future of the media.

People can now enjoy NPR from their apple device rather than listening in the car. They are trying to survive in public media 2.0. They are still proving themselves to be worthwhile to the local communities. In the graph below, you can see that the public still wants the government to fund the programs. The independent study backs up that the American people, including conservatives, value this independent news station. They found “Six out of ten voters (61%) believe the consequences of defunding PBS would be a “massive loss” (24%) or “significant loss for the country (37%).” Their findings are clear. The Americans are saying “Save public media!”

  1. November 9, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    Nice post. Good overview of the issues. Also, it’s interesting that you note that NPR/PBS are not particularly popular, but that many people perceive the sources to have value. Sort of like vegetables, we know they are good for us, but they aren’t always our first choice.

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