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Blog 4: Public Media

I believe that the availability of public media is extremely necessary for a community to be properly informed and in fact is one of the hallmarks of American culture. As Silver states, because the people are now the center of media, it is important that they have accurate media at their disposal. To understand the necessity of public media, it may be helpful to have a framework for what public media is. Public media is the forums used to let the public know what is going on around them. They are usually free, and can be found on public-access television stations (like PBS) or on community radio stations. Public media can be used to inform us the about the news, education, healthcare, our government, local happenings, and even entertainment. In a sense, public media help us become informed citizens that are involved in our communities.

Going off of this information, I believe that public media being available to communities is centrally important to creating informed citizens. Public media creates a sense of community connectedness, along with community awareness. Both help communities thrive and remain successful. When looking at a community such as North Korea where public media is censored and controlled, this provides a prime example for what happens when public media is not available to citizens. They only have one main news source, the Korean Central News Agency, and it is heavily controlled by North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il.

It creates a situation where freedom of speech is only an illusion, and where information is tainted and manipulated by a select few government officials. To resist a situation like this occurring in America, free public media available to the masses is our best shot.

  1. November 9, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    Good post. Nice job starting with a definition of public media. Other posts on the topic have seemed unclear about what public media is exactly, so it’s nice that you defined it up front.

    Also a good point that public media has to be uncensored for it to be good for a community. You are right that there is a long history of state controlled media that has no freedom to criticize the government or broadcast what it wants. And obviously that situation is not good for creating an informed community.

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