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Blog 4: Public Media

In the article we read titled Public Media 2.0, there is an emphasis on “educating, informing, and mobilizing” users of public media. I think this is particularly important with today’s media climate of conglomeration and groupthink. Citizens need some form of an information hub that is objective, educational, and informative without having to question the biases and opinions in the current media. I do agree with the article that current media stakeholders like public broadcasting need to take the first steps in generating participation and commitment among their viewers before any new game players step in. After participation is accomplished, then participants will need to effectively engage with this information and work together to accomplish a unified goal that will benefit all of its publics. There are a variety of participants that all must work together to accomplish a new public media platform that will benefit everyone and distribute valuable and useful information.


The availability of public media is very necessary for a community to be informed. As long as participation and engagement are in effect within the community, public media can and will be very efficient. I think that public media is necessary for informing communities because, like stated above,  citizens need to have an informational hub that is not owned by a private corporation with self-interests and numerous biases. Citizens need somewhere to go when they want objective, informative, and factual information. This is lacking for the most part in the current media climate, and with the Center for Social Media’s “action agenda”, I think this issue could change and improve for the better.

  1. November 9, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    Good post. Nice focus on participation and engagement. These issues are particularly important in today’s media landscape that is full of so many choices. Also, since public media depends on donations (in addition to taxpayer support), engagement is important.

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