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Blog 4: Public Media

Public media is an essential component for keeping a community adequately informed. In our reading, there was a quote from Thomas Jefferson which explained that he would, “rather have newspapers without government than government without newspapers.” This was his way of advocating the importance of people’s rights to freely communicate information that matters to them. And with the revolutionary progression of the digital landscape over the past decade, participation in public media is now easier than ever. So many people have constant access to the internet through their smart phones and Ipads, which has made community awareness such a quick and efficient process. There are thousands of different blogs, news feeds, and social networks on the internet that provide news updates that as current as can be. Any community in today’s current information environment that does not have access to these mediums or does not know have to navigate them will quickly fall behind.



  1. November 9, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    Great quote by Jefferson, but what about public media specifically? Public media being media that is supported by public (tax) dollars. Is this type of media necessary in this day an age (given all of the other sources that are available)? Does public media contribute to an informed community or are there plenty of other places to get information?

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