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Blog 4: The Importance of Public Media

I think we must consider new ways to build a great network for knowledge — not just a broadcast system, but one that employs every means of sending and storing information that the individual can use.- President Johnson 

There is an overall usefulness for public media. Silver in New Public Media states that the public trusts public media over the military, the courts, and Congress  (Silver, 4). In light of networks like Fox coming under attack for obvious partisan leanings, it’s increasingly important to keep and fund it. Public media outlets can offer what others cannot and that is necessary and relevant for communities. In the age of the Internet, it’s easy to become burdened with news that you can and cannot trust. However, public media can give people quality news because they have to answer to the public, especially if these organizations want funding.

Public media offers quality educational and cultural programming for children. One obvious example is Sesame Street. This program teaches children the basics like numbers, vocabulary, and even foreign languages like Spanish. This is invaluable for parents and can help children in their development. Public media also offers niche interest programming, educational shows for all ages, and other programs that appeal to the interests of undeserved communities (Silver, 7). PBS and NPR are great examples of this. They have multiple outlets to reach people and keep them informed.

Having public media available is necessary for a community to be informed. They are outlets that directly work for the people they serve. They are valuable assets to each community and should be saved and maintained.

  1. November 9, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    Good post. But what would the implications be of public media ceasing to exist? Would it really hurt a community given all of the information that is available on cable tv, the internet, etc? Couldn’t a community just get all the information it finds on public media in other private sources?

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