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Blog #5: Community Resilience

Resilience, in it’s essence, can be simply defined as the strength to come back from a crisis that has an affect on a person or persons.  In a community, it requires all the communities participants to come together, communicate, and get through the crisis.  An example of a time where a community would need strong resilience would be during the tornado in Joplin, Missouri.  This was a time where not only the residents of Joplin, but the surrounding counties and even the Mizzou community used resilience tactics, like sending supplies, raising money, making t-shirts, and using their hands and time to help rebuild the community.

After doing some research on resilience tactics, I found a website that talks about how to make yourself more resilient. Although it doesn’t get specific on steps for a community, the steps that are talked about are transferrable to a community.

I think that resilience through a community based crisis allows for the participants to work together quicker and rebuild what they lost.  Through this, the use of communication can be important.  The kind of communication not only to get through the crisis, but what can be done in order to emotionally get through the crisis.  Fundraisers, praying, and other things are just some ways that resilience steps can be useful.

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