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Community Resilience

Community resilience is the ability of the community to bounce back after an event has occurred. In order for a community to be resilient actions must be taken before an event to ensure that the community responds in an appropriate manner. Communities that are educated in this way before the event will be able to successfully help the community members afterwards.

Some communications strategies may be able to aid in the increase of community resilience, one of which is making sure that they community works together as a whole. Communities are often made up of many groups:


Community Leadership

Cultual & Faith-Based Groups and Orgs

First Responders

Health Care


Mental Health

Public Health

School personnel & Childcare Settings

These groups are like puzzle pieces, as they work to fit together, they create an image or in the case of this blog a common goal.These groups must focus on elements including shared values, participation, responsibilities, support, critical reflection, resources, and most importantly communication.

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