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BLOG 4: Public media

I do think that the availability of public media is necessary for a community to be properly informed. For according to the article Public Media 2.0 the main goals of public media is to inform, educate, and mobilize its users. If the media wasn’t out there to convery information to its audiences, citizens would have an extremely difficult time knowing what is going on in their society. Imagine if television, newspapers, or the internet were never invented or news was never conveyed through these outlets. Citizens would have to go directly to the souce if they wanted to find out information; and everyone knows how busy our government officials can be.

In addition to informing its audiences with news information, public media generates conversation between citizens. This conversation may encourage engagement to make positive changes to the current system that may not be working in a given community. However, conversation also allows and encourages people to filter all the information that the public media presents to its audiences. Some information may be beneficial, some factual, others harmful and biased; and it is up to the audiences to decided which is necessary for them to be properly informed.  If citizens were not presented with solid facts, by the media, current systems and governments may still be as they were hundreds of years ago.

Nowadays, I think that most citizens are well informed about information concerning their community and their country. With the recent popularity of social networking cites, in particularly, people can now be informed of events just as they are happening. This access being free has also helped the success of citizens being informed, as virtually everyone can access information.  As we look toward the future, the different kinds of outlets and access for public media will only keep increasing and growing with the times.

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