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I did enjoy working with my group, the Columbia Cats. We started off rocky with our mapping presentation. But I think our final presentation turned out much better! We really began to gel in the 2nd part of the semester, and our project started to become much clearer as time went on.

The good: It was a great learning experience and I definitely learned  a lot about group communication and problem solving. Luckily, we had no major group problems. We all pretty much got along, and our personalities seemed to mesh really well. Everyone seemed really motivated to have a good final product, and no one was negative energy or pessimistic.

The Bad: Since we are all seniors and all have a full coarse load plus work, at times it was very difficult to schedule a time when we were all free to meet for group meetings. Many times, a lot of our group was really stressed about other stuff going on in our lives, so it made it harder to concentrate on the task at hand. But we all pulled it together and ended on a really strong note.

Next time: I would choose a topic that is a little more narrow in its scope, ie: launch a product or do a pr project for a company. This project was very broad and sometimes vague, which I had a little bit of a problem with. Also, like someone suggested in class, I would have made all of the mapping projects due on the first day the same way the portfolios were all due on the same day. It seemed unfair that the other groups got longer to work on their mapping projects than we did, yet we still had to turn in our portfolio along with the rest of the class.

Overall, it was a good way to learn how to work in groups and I feel that it was a valuable experience.

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