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My experience working with my team for this project was pretty good. Small group projects are very common, especially in the Communication field, so I knew early on that I would have to get used to dividing up responsibilities, communicating individual teams, avoiding groupthink, and coming up with innovative projects that would earn a good grade and a valuable experience.

Our group consisted of hard workers most definitely. Everyone in the group seemed to always respond to messages in a timely manner, communicate their own ideas, fulfill their responsibilities, and work diligently to execute a good product for our final proposal. We did quite a bit of brainstorming all semester long, which I think hindered our productivity sometimes but overall was advantageous when we put all of those ideas together. By the end of the semester, we all seemed to feel accomplished and confident about our proposed social networking site. We even went to Bengals after it was all said and done to get a shot and a couple of beers, so I would say that it was overall a good experience. I think next time I find myself working in a small group, I will concentrate more on working harder in the beginning of the project instead of waiting until the deadline got closer. We were productive all semester, but it seemed like the last few days were kind of stressful trying to pull everything together and make sure we had covered all the information we originally planned on.

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