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Blog 5: Group Reflection

Working in groups, no matter the size, always makes me sketpical because you never know what you’re going to get. You could get blessed with members who are all hard workers and want to succeed or you could end up with members who decide they’ll do as little as possible. I am glad to announce that I was blessed with the members of my group for this class.

All of us got along great and that in itself is just going to make the process of working together easier. Everyone was given a fair chance to speak and express their ideas when we were deciding about what to do. At first with the mapping project, we were a little rough to start because I think we didn’t know exactly where to begin. Sometimes when given so much leeway, it is hard to come up with a detailed idea to execute. Our group, however, prospered through and I am extremely happy with how our final proposal turned out. We sat down after our mapping project and really put our heads together. That made me feel better because it showed we all cared.

What was good about the experience was it was nice that we had different options to choose from. When there is diversity in groups, it helps for more ideas to be brainstormed and between the five of us, we had some great ideas flowing, whether they proved to be exactly the right idea or not. Also, it was never difficult to try and meet as a group. It was nice that lectures were cancelled so time could be designated towards working on the presentations. Meeting during the usual class time works best because we already have that time blocked. On some days when we met outside of class, we had to exchange a couple of emails to find a time that really fit but overall, that process was fairly painless.

Probably the most difficult thing about this experience (but it wasn’t even that difficult) was splitting up the work and having everyone work on it separately and then combine it all together. Sometimes it feels like the project is just broken up in different pieces instead of feeling like it is one completed piece. I’ve been guilty because over Thanksgiving break, I got too bogged down with my work schedule and didn’t have that much time to devote to the presentation. I never want to feel like I am letting my group down and that is why it is sometimes better to all work together during a meeting because that way you know how everyone is doing on their portion.


For next time, I have to agree with what Kamaria talked about a little and I would want to work on a topic more relevant to a real world experience. It was hard at points to know if I was doing something right because things were so open to interpretation. I loved that we had the freedom to come up with that we wanted but I would have liked more of an outline to follow. Overall, our team made the community information projects work and I did learn new things that I can take away from this experience. Now, I am all brushed up on my communication skills and I know what to do when I need to make a proposal in the big girl world 🙂

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