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Blog 5: Reflecting on my Experiences This Semester

Working with a group was not new to me in this class. I’ve done several group projects in high school, in other classes in college, and I’ve even taken a class like this one before that was one big group project (Comm 3571; Group Decision Making Processes). So I think it was reasonable to come in with the expectation that the only variable this class had over my other experiences was the kind of people I would work with. Looking back, I can’t say I’ve been disappointed. We really got along well, I felt like everyone pulled their weight and each of our ideas seemed to build together, rather than pull the direction of the end product one way or the other. The most difficult hurdle we had was finding a time when we were all free to meet and discuss the project (I especially had trouble with this because I also work ~30 hrs / week). Never the less, we were able to negotiate times successfully because we met on several occasions. The only thing I would change about this project would be that the assignment seemed naturally divided up into specific parts to meet requirements of the presentation. This had an unintended effect on our group as we often came up with a central idea, and then immediately divided the tasks up for research purposes. I think ultimately this might have led to a more in-depth final presentation, but I felt a disconnect with my group sometimes when we would begin talking about our specific areas. I’m not sure how that can really be avoided in future classes, but I can’t say it stopped me from enjoying this semester.

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