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Experience is Team Work

I really enjoyed working with my group members. I feel all my group members were very friendly and welcoming. In addition, I really liked how each member was eager to help out. I do notice in almost every group I work in that there is always a natural leader and always a person that slacks off more than others. In my group, we had a natural leader and a natural slacker. I felt it was difficult over Thanksgiving break when we set specific deadlines on research for our project and split our work up because one person did not do anything over break. As a result, everyone sent their stuff in and we wanted to have our presentation combined the Sunday before the end of Thanksgiving Break, but could not due to a member. In addition, this member was a no show at one of the last meetings before our final project. As a result of this member slacking off, the other members were extremely stressed about the situation. In addition, we felt like because he missed two meetings he was not as knowledgable about our project, as we were. As a result, when he did do his portion for the final project, we had to change a bunch of it around because it was kind of wrong. What I would do differently next time is not assign work over break because some people will come off with excuses not to do it. However, I feel like I really respect our natural leader in the group , but I felt like people started to see that his ideas had more value than others. What was good about this experience is that I had really fun group members that made me laugh and it made our meetings go by quickly. In addition, I felt that I was able to develop better research skills. I enjoyed that my portion of the project was advertisement because I am interested in that as a particular job career. During my research, I was able to talk to television stations, radio stations, newspaper companies and nonprofit organizations and I feel I was given useful advice for the future.

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