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Blog 5: Reflection

My experience working together as a team for our capstone project has actually been very satisfying. We all worked together fairly well on this project and were able to get everything done on time. With this project we were even able to go beyond my personal expectations for what our final project would be. This fact was probably the best part of the entire experience. Working together on this project we were able to get more done and end up with a better finished product then I think we could have come up with individually. Although we did have our ups and downs with working together, mostly being that we all had very different ideas and ways of doing things, we were still able to put those differences aside enough to work together on one solid goal which was finishing this class with the best project we could come up with. Of course it was difficult, working on any group project is, for reasons of different ideas, time schedules, and skills levels but since we all had the same ultimate goal in mind we were able to work past these difficulties. If given another opportunity to do this project over again I honestly think I would not do anything differently. Any project will have its own ups and downs and things to work through. With this project I believe that the good outweighed the bad and in the end everything turned out great so for me there is no real need to change anything, except for maybe the project itself.

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