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BLOG 5: Reflection

I can say that I am the person who usually hate working on group projects. I always rather work alone on my own time and know that the project gets done. Though thats how I usually feel about group projects, I must admit that my feelings were different about this one.  Working on this project my teammates were very inventive and very hands all.  I enjoyed working with them and coming to meetings with their portions done.

It was a breathe of fresh air working with people who do want to get their work done, in a timely manner, and done right. Working on this project was different then working on other team projects because I worked with them all semester. At the end of all I couldn’t have asked for a better group and working experience.

What I enjoyed about the project as a whole was that it allowed for us to create something that could actually be useful and resourceful to the city of Columbia. Like someone said in another group if any of these projects were to take off it would be contribution to a city that we dwelled in and were apart of for four years. I loved CoMo Beat and the idea to create it. It was fun thinking of something I would be interested in as well as others in Columbia could be interested in. I think it’s really  a good idea and when we got to pitch it I was really excited to share it with my other class members (hope they vote for us). The best part and the most difficult part was that you didn’t have any parameters, you pretty much came up with what you were going to do on your own. That was the hardest and easiest part of the project, because it was easy once you got going but difficult to get going. I took that as a challenge and one I felt we conquered well. If I were to do this project again I would change some of the marketing tactics. Because we could only use two forms of media I felt a tad limited but I would have came up with some better form of media to capture more of the audience and the people we were trying to pitch it to. I would have loved to make a commercial for this class to draw in people’s attention (and votes). All in all I enjoyed the process and the class overall.


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