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Blog 5: Team Commies Group Project

The experience doing our team project for Capstone was very positive.  I thought The Commies, my group for the community information project gelled together well and brought all of our ideas together to create a great final project.  I was proud of how we all worked together in implementing our ideas in a way that reflects each member’s ideas.  Going into the project I did not know any of my team members and I feel it was a great experience getting to know everyone.  We worked hard to keep focus on our main goals while also having some fun along the way.  I think group projects helped me learn how to communicate in a group environment and do take each team members contributions in a positive way in order to maximize the projects potential.

The Commies


The Good:

Our group got along well and had fun completing our project, even when it seemed like it would never end.


The Bad:

It’s hard to always be able to communicate effectively within group settings and to get everyone on the same page with everyone’s crazy schedules.  This project will improve my communication in this aspect.


I would do this differently:

I would communicate better with my group and have made myself more available to meet.  Overall, our project and group was GREAT!  Couldn’t have been more happy with last semester and SO glad it’s over!

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