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Blog 5: Teamwork

Let’s face it, most students don’t look forward to doing group projects.. Let alone a semester long group project.  Setting times to meet and working with new people can be challenging and frustrating at times.  Throughout the entire project I was always very pleased to be part of The Trinity Trackers.  My group members were all very organized, friendly, creative, determined and UNDERSTANDING.

One of my favorite aspects about my group was the time we scheduled to meet.  Luckily none of us had class right before our capstone at 2pm so we took advantage of that and used about an hour or so before each class to work on our project.  I typically dread going to meet with groups during the evenings so this made the whole process much more enjoyable!

Sometimes I wasn’t clear on what we were supposed to do or what our next step was so that was probably the most difficult for me.  Thankfully, my group kept me up to speed and helped explain things better to me so that I could understand them.

One thing I would do differently is get everyones phone numbers from the start.  For a while we were only communicating through email and that got annoying real quick.  Once we exchanged phone numbers communicating was a lot easier.

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