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BLOG 5: Trinity Trackers

I will be the first to tell anyone how much I hate group projects! So, you can imagine how much I dreaded this one, especially since it lasted the entire semester. However, in the end I think our teamwork turned out to work for the better!

Overall, our group worked really well collaborating. Bouncing ideas off each other definitely helpd shaped our project into what it turned out to be. In the beginning, our mapping presentation was a little rocky. Yet as the semester went on, everyone became much more accustomed to each other and began to create a product that all of us are proud of! It helped a lot that all the group members were free during the same time each week, so we made it a habit to meet at least once a week, if not more, to discuss our project and how we were thinking about executing it.

The difficulty with this project, and the majority of other group projects, was making sure everyone was on the same page and matching priorities. For example, I, personally hate procrastinating,  and I like getting things done before the day they are due, because I don’t work well under pressure :/. My time frame was not always the same as everyone elses and this was something I had to overcome and eventually learned to have faith in my teammates! Since it being senior year, everyone had different priorities as an accumulation for other classes, jobs, etc…posed to be an obstacle that we all had to deal with.

In the end, we worked together and created a project that reflects the best of our abilities!

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