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Blog 5: Project Reflection

As a Communication major I have completed my fair share of group projects so I was pretty sure what to expect in this class; teamwork.  I explained to my roommates, however, that this particular group project has been my most positive of group experiences.  The four of us worked very well together socially and academically.  Our group meetings weren’t a nuisance and, for once, I wasn’t concerned about group participation.  Each of us dedicated a lot of time and consideration to our project and proposal and I am very happy with the outcome of our hard work.  We did, however, reach some obstacles when turning a semester of ideas and research into a consumer product.  For instance, as Communication students, creating a real website and smartphone application was not exactly our forte so some of the goals we set near the beginning of the semester we couldn’t see through.  However, our screen shots, courtesy of Nate, turned out so well that we couldn’t have been happier with a fully functioning website.  The only thing I could think of that could have been done differently would have been utilizing our time better near the beginning of the semester.  We were on a time crunch to complete the portfolio and presentation by the due date which put an uncomfortable amount of pressure on each of us with the stress of finals and other classwork looming over our heads.  Overall, this capstone has been a positive learning experience and I hope to take from it knowledge that I can use throughout my future career.  Thanks for a great semester team!


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