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Blog 5: Project Experiences

As most others mentioned in their posts, group p projects are not exactly anyone’s favorite words to hear from a professor. I have attached so many negative connotations to the phrase and hearing it makes me cringe at the thought of getting stuck with a bad group. This time, that was not the case. I was very pleased with my group, in fact, I think this is the only group that I’ve had who was serious about the assignment and its workload. I’m sure that us all being seniors has a lot to do with it. I’ve noticed that the higher level the course, the more time and effort people will put in. Overall, my group and I worked very well together. We only had a few disagreements along the way and this was mostly during the early stages of the course when we began to decide and plan what our final project was going to entail. All of my members played their own roles in the group and participated equally. My favorite thing about working with this group was that we finished our project days before the portfolio was due. I feel like its typical in group projects to be up late the night before finishing it all up. This wasn’t the case for our and it made me feel a lot more confident when presenting because I felt like our work was more solid. I don’t feel like there is anything we could have done differently to improve the way that our group worked together. It was one of the best group experiences I’ve had at Mizzou and definitely made me feel a lot more comfortable about working in groups in the real world.

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