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Blog #1: Cell Phone Usage

1. This research is about how often we use our phones in social gatherings. I chose this tweet because it is something that probably all of us are guilty of doing. The article goes on to explain that cell phone usage at social gatherings can really hurt our conversations, which should come to no surprise.
2. This research was done by Pew Research Center. They surveyed different races and ages and asked them questions about their personal cell phone usage at their most recent social events.
3. A few of the questions they asked seemed to be pretty open ended (ex. describe how you used your cell phone at a recent gathering) so how they got so many concrete statistics is questionable. Also, in a FEW of the statistics age was not mentioned. I think for this particular topic age is very important because obviously the younger generations are more likely to be on their smart phones. I think age should have been a much larger factor in a few of these statistics.


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  1. September 1, 2015 at 9:22 am

    Good. For #2 you mention they surveyed individuals. How did they do this survey?

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