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Blog #1: Ivy Leagues vs. Big Bucks

  1. The article I chose is a research study that was done to discover which universities graduates making the highest salaries attended in the past. I chose this article because as a graduating senior I feel that this is useful information and may help me, and others, to compete for a higher salary in the future if I understand the strength my university can offer me.
  2. The data collected published by the Washington Post was received from PayScale who collected salary data from nearly 1.5 million graduates from over 1,000 colleges nationwide.
  3. The article focuses a lot on how Ivy League graduates are not making nearly as much as we expected, but the article has very little information on salaries from public universities. Which 1,000 schools were chosen? Should more colleges have been used in this study to get a more accurate analysis of employees salaries from schools around the US?


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