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Blog 1: Number of Veterans Hired in Federal Positions Increases

This articles describes the rising numbers of veterans that are being hired for government jobs. Although, most government agencies have difficulties keeping the veterans, because they quit. The Department of Defense is the only federal department that has been able to maintain a high percentage of veterans staying in their positions.

These statistics were published by the United States Office of Personnel Management. The information is published in a booklet called Employment of Veterans in the Federal Branch 2014 Fiscal Year. The booklet does not describe what type of study was done, but it is given to us by a government website and we can only hope that it is an accurate display of information.

I am interested in how the data was collected. I liked how the data was organized and showed the data of the previous fiscal year next to it so the reader could see the connection and increase in the number of veterans that have federal jobs. I think it would’ve been nice to understand why veterans were quitting their jobs but no explanation was given.


  1. September 1, 2015 at 9:13 am

    Good. For next time:

    Change your public displayed user name to your actual name so I can more easily grade these (see blackboard announcement from yesterday).

    Number your responses to the questions.

    Could you have dug deeper and found out how the data reported actually came from?

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