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BLOG 1: Oil Futures


  1. This article is about the issue of gas prices, their inflation, crude oil levels, and OPEC’s losing battle against the U.S. and their low oil prices. I chose it because it was by far the most relevant and important information to me on twitter right now.
  2. The information in the tweet comes from a news source called “Market Watch”, and was written by Myra Saefong with direct quotes and responses from OPEC members and other oil industry big-wigs.
  3. My question is how will OPEC respond to their need for higher oil prices when the U.S. continues to keep their prices so low?
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  1. September 1, 2015 at 9:11 am

    Good. But next time embed the tweet into the post (instead of just linking to it), and add the blog assignment for your blog post category (e.g., “Blog 1).

    Also, in terms of question #2, were there any data in the article that came from sources other than industry officials?

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