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Blog 1: Passwords


– This article is about how people’s online accounts are not as safe as they think they are. A lot of people use the same passwords for more than one account. About 40% of people have had an their online accounts hacked.  This article provides tips that help ensure you have a better password so you can be more protected. I chose this because I know someone who has had their bank account hacked into and luckily they realized it fairly quickly. I also chose this because my aunt went to  a conference that was all about keeping your passwords strong so your accounts are safer. She told me how the speaker called up three contestants and asked them about 10 questions and was able to guess the jist of their passwords in a very short period of time.

-The research was collected by volunteers who agreed to tell their passwords after their accounts had already been compromised. The results of the passwords they collected is how their data was produced in the infographic chart.

-Why don’t all websites create a requirement for their users passwords? It is a hassle to have one Upper case, a lower case, a special character etc.. but the passwords that were easily hacked seem to be a simple password. I wonder how many people were surveyed for this infographic image and what the demographic was? Because passwords are going to be a lot different from teenagers on Facebook to grandparents on e-mails.

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  1. September 1, 2015 at 9:07 am

    Good. But next time add the blog assignment for your blog post category (e.g., “Blog 1) and change your public displayed user name to your actual name (instead of kdwcz8) so I can more easily grade these (see blackboard announcement from yesterday).

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