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Blog #1: Snoop or Shakespeare?

  1. The tweet is an infographic of rappers and attempts to rank the artists on usage of unique words to determine which artist has the most diverse vocabulary. I found it interesting that a lot of the big names in hip hop were towards the bottom of the ranking, meaning they don’t have as many unique sounds. Also I liked that the researcher compared Shakespeare and Melville alongside the rappers… in a sense disproving the negative associations hip hop and rap have.
  2. The data is an accumulation of the number of unique words used within an artists first 35,000 lyrics, which usually spanned 3-5 albums and some mixtapes. Matt Daniels used rap genius and a data collecting application to rank the artists.
  3. What would fans and supporters of Drake and Lupe Fiasco say if they saw this data? Also, what would this graph look like if they judged artists from a variety of genres? Can they update this graphic to include more modern artists (i.e. Macklemore, Iggy Azalea)


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