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Blog 1: Wasted Time in the Workplace

  1. This tweet shows the top three time wasters in the workplace and the percentages associated with each of them. I chose it because I thought it was interesting to see the break down of where employees time really goes during an average work day and I liked how organized the information was.
  2. The information in this infographic was collected in 2012 through voluntary surveys and through TimeDoctor, a productivity tracking software. Secondary sources such as outside articles and studies were also used to collect the needed data.
  3. I have a few questions about the methods of data collection used in this study. First, since this survey was voluntary and only 300 people responded, is that enough responses to be able to make an accurate conclusion? Also, since TimeDoctor is a software, did the participants know that it was installed on their computer and therefor alter the times that they spent on certain activities or the sites that they visited?


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