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BLOG 1: America’s Rising Consumption of Bottled Water

1.This article is about how the number of water bottles that American’s drink per year is rising. It is also about the reasons why water bottle sales are so high, and why it has become the main beverage for people to drink vs. sugary or carbonated drinks. I chose this article because I tend to only drink water and it interested me to learn about how much bottled water is being sold and how it has a negative environmental impact.
2. The research about the rise of bottle water and the decline of soda comes from Beverage Marketing Corporation. Also, the research chart done about the rising bottled water consumption per year in America was done by the sustainable-water research institute the Pacific Institute. The data was collected by comparing the average water bottle consumption of americans over the years since 1970, and then using information to predict how the bottled water consumption will skyrocket come 2017.
3. A few questions I have regarding the article: It seems that the information for the average number of water bottles consumed by Americans per year is vague and I wonder how exactly they came up with that average. I also wonder why so many people purchase bottled water at a rising rate, especially with constant talk about global warming and the still constant struggle of the economy in this country. Although the craze for being healthy is rising, and adds regarding this are drawing buyers to the bottled water, the craze for saving money is also still substantial with our economy. One would think that getting water for free from the tap would be more appealing then spending money on a case of bottles

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