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Blog Post # 2

  1. This article is all about those pesky little bed bugs. I chose it because of it’s relevancy to our example research topic in class the past two weeks. I also chose it because bed bug populations are exploding across the globe and people need to educate themselves on the blood suckers.
  2. The information in the graphic comes from a research group known as “bed bug alert.” They gathered the information from various websites including wikipedia, CBC (Canada’s online information source) and data they’ve compiled on their website. The research was found across the internet. It was analyzed and made into a handy infographic.
  3. Questions:                    1.) Why are bed bugs becoming a global problem again?

2.) How can everyday citizens combat these pests?

  1. September 16, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    Good, but the real question is how are the data collected by the CDC and the other sources referenced in this infographic? Can’t just say the CDC collected it, we need to know what was involved, where it came from, etc.

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