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Blog 2: 11 Digital Marketing Statistics From This Week

  1. This tweet links to a blog that describes different interesting marketing statistics that were calculated in the last week. The statistics vary in ages and revolve around media and cellphone usage. I chose this article because I find how people consumers use digital devices fascinating. We grew up in a generation where we’ve had to go to a store to buy a product and now, with just a few clicks you can purchase something on your mobile device because websites have created their website to be mobile friendly. An interesting statistic in particular was that over twice as many people ages 18-24 have  much higher expectations from retailer performance as compared to two years ago. Over 2000, people were surveyed by Red Dot Research, which is an accredited PR and marketing firm in the UK.
  2. I find many of the statistics to be interesting and with each statistic, a graph or image that explains the statistic in more detail comes with it. I’m not sure how accurate these graphs are, because some of them don’t have a company name on them, or link to a website so I could look up more information about its accuracy. Some do however, have a company name, and how many people were surveyed. One graph being from the Adobe Quarterly, which would seem trustworthy on the surface because it is from a very well known company. It seems as though the people who were surveyed live in the United Kingdom.
  3. I’m curious to see how the statistics would cross over in to America. I wonder if there would be any major differences in the statistics or if many of them would be roughly the same.


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  1. September 16, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    Need more detail on where the data come from, so perhaps next time pick a tweet that focuses more on a single issue so you can really dig into what the data are.

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