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Bears Fans Should Not Count on Cutty When They Need Him

  1. This article examines the past 15 drives for the tie or go ahead Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has had against the Green Bay Packers. I chose it because it reflects on my pessimistic attitude I have about my favorite team this season.
  2. The article gathered quantitative data of 7 fourth quarters Jay Cutler attempted to lead the team to tie or win against the Green Bay Packers since he has been the first string quarterback for the Chicago Bears. There were only a specified amount of results that could’ve happened, which are a turnover, touchdown, field goal, interception, or end to a game.
  3. At the tail end of the presentation slide, it gives overall statistics of the frequency of field goals, interceptions, turnovers, punts, and end of games. They list field goals as a positive, which it can be, but a field goal in the first 4th quarter game did not grant the Bears a win for that game; which confuses me on what the article was attempting to accomplish.


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  1. September 16, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    So for #2 do you think they re-watched all of these games and took notes, or are these type of data already available from somewhere?

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