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Blog 2: Euro/refugee crisis


  1. This article is about the influx of refugees in Erope, and the creation of the Euro, and the similarities between the two situations; such as they’re both caused by Europe’s lack of preparedness before embarking on both endeavors, and that they’re both being pushed back by mainly eastern block countries such as Hungary.
  2. The article is written by Reuters’ Hugo Dixon, but there are no sources for information stated in the article, which leaves the reader to speculate how accurate or biased the info may be.
  3. According to the article, European governments were supposed to “limit their debts” to 60% of GDP; however last year the zone’s debt averaged 92%. How exactly were these countries supposed to “limit their debts”, especially at a time like this in Europe?
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  1. September 16, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    Be sure to embed your tweet in your post instead of just including the article link.

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