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Blog 2: Ice Sheets in Greenland

1.This article is about how Greenland is affecting the rest of the world without anyone really paying attention to it. From the high pressures surrounding it causing Hurricane Sandy, to the ice sheets melting which could potentially cause the sea levels to rise up to 20 feet, Greenland is a place we need to be keeping an eye on. I chose this specific tweet because the issue of global warming and rising sea levels, while always controversial, is a topic that we should all be contentious of.

2. The University of Georgia conducted the research using a Greenland Blocking Index to ‘quantify’ the high pressures that were present during Hurricane Sandy. From the University of Georgia, Professor Mote and Jordan McCleod from the Southeast Regional Climate Center conducted research through NASA to look at the melting of Greenland’s ice sheets and its effect on rising sea levels.

3. The only question I have regarding this topic is an ambiguous one. What can people do (or what are we already doing) to combat the melting of the ice sheets? And what does this mean for the future?

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