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Blog 2: Miss America’s Body Image Since 1921




– This article demonstrates how the idea of a woman’s body has changed over time. It takes pictures from the Miss America pageant from 1921 and creates a GIF image/slideshow of all the women. While looking at this one would be able to see the women getting gradually thinner. I chose this article because it is so relevant to today’s society and how the ideal body keeps getting thinner and thinner. This is directly related to media and what they put out there for people to see and glorify. It also shows a correlation of how as the Miss America contestants/winner has gotten skinnier the average American in her 20s has gotten heavier so it is not exactly the best representation of “America.”

-I found this article on the Business Insider Twitter account and the link redirected me to a website called Tech Insider. Information was gathered from this article with parts from the Huffington Post and a website called PsychGuides.com

-The media definitely has an impact on how the women are shaping themselves to be- even though the contesants have perfect resumes does them having a slim figure negatively affect the amount of viewers each year? It would be interesting to interview women who were contestants in the beginning of the show to today’s contestants and see how their preparation differed.

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  1. September 16, 2015 at 4:45 pm

    Be sure to add the blog assignment category to your post.

    You mention Tech Insider and PsychInsider as sources of the data. But how did they get their data or what is their data?

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