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Negative News

  1. This tweet and article are about how watching depressing news stories can negatively impact your day. I chose this research because I felt it was communication related as well as interesting.
  2. In this study they had 110 participants who were blindly placed into one of two categories, negative and positive news stories. One group watched 3 minutes of negative news stories before 10am and the other watched 3 minutes of news having to do with successful problem solving and resilience. 6 hours later, while the participants were at work or wherever, they were emailed a survey asking questions about their mood and current level of stress. They also studied how the negative news impacted work performance and what happened when negative news stories were played on TV’s at the gym.
  3.  How were the 110 participants selected? What kind of professions were surveyed? Obviously if they have access to a computer to check their email 6 hours after this study while they are at work, they are working some sort of desk job. If this is the case, maybe that could be a reason why they are unhappy at work, because often times desk jobs are more mundane.


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  1. September 16, 2015 at 4:48 pm

    Great and a good example of “communication” research.

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