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BLOG 3: Fewer Latino Catholics Seek Changes to the Church than White Catholics

  1. This article is about the comparison between Latino and White Catholics and their views on changes to the Catholics Church. It talks about how latino Catholics are more closely aligned with church beliefs than are white Catholics. I chose this article because I am a catholic, and it is interesting to me that races are so different in their views of church teachings. Also, with so many things changing in our society today, people are accepting of more and I am interested to find out how much it is affecting people’s beliefs in relation to the church.
  2. This research comes from the Pew Research Center. It was conducted through a survey of United States Catholics and Family Life between May 5 and June 7 of 2015. in this research “whites,” include all those who are non-hispanics, while Hispanics can be of any race. These U.S. catholics were asked questions on whether or not the church should allow certain things, and on what they consider a sin. The percentage results were compared to each other and given a difference to see the gap between the two.
  3. I was confused when the information in the study said that Hispanics “can be of any race.”Does this mean that since “white catholics” are all non-hispanics, that “latino catholics” are all non-whites? Also, I am wondering if the questions given were a yes/no answer and if they were given online or in person, and to how many U.S. catholics? If given in person vs. online, there could be some change in the results out of fear of judgement.
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